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Video Experience Platform

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TotalVU is a Video Experience Platform VXP. This groundbreaking new format pushes shows to the front of the content browsing carousel. It creates passionate viewers.

With our industry disrupting technology we create multi-choice, multi-optics, multi-audio, multi-activity video experiences for in-venue fans, viewers, advertisers, and content producers.

As in-venue fans and home viewers, choose what is important to you… experience any camera or mic within a production at any time. This is a transformation of the current viewing experience. Producers offer you all of the content, rather than trying to cram all the content into a single stream by intercutting it all.


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Constantly expanding


Feature Set


TotalVU VXP is like Alexa for watching video. We are constantly innovating new "skills" or features, to give you more choices. We make watching more interactive, more fun, more tailored to what viewers and fans like doing while watching.

Immersive, Interactive and Gamified content experiences keep your fans and viewers totally engaged. 

We create new ways to grab the attention of your target markets with the show branding, ad “T-Spots”, viewers earning scores, viewers choosing an “ally” from the cast, and more.

Below are just a few of the "skills" TotalVU presents to your viewers.






With TotalVU VXP, the producer gives the viewers all of the content. This is a transformation of the viewing experience. You can watch what is important to you, instead of being forced to watch the single production broadcast feed that is often not showing what you want to see.

Select any camera from the production, to see what is most important to you. With TotalVU your choices of camera views include 180, 360, VR, motion-stabilized Point-of-View, drone, you name it.

Pick your choice of audio from multiple announcers, such as home team, away team, radio, foreign languages, social media influencers, liberal, conservative, or the main produced audio while watching any other video angle from the show.

The Main Screen also goes full screen, for times you are casting on the big screen.

TotalVU is fantastic for sports, concerts, red carpets, debates and town halls.


new forms of advertising

Experiential Ads:



Total VU is also used to create interactive advertisements, called “T-Spots”. Three incredible new ways to draw the consumer into the advertising content.

T-Spot P: Each character in the story of the ad has their own Point of View and thread. Imagine a van commercial with the Mom, Dad and three kids in the back. Click on the girl to see the ad from her perspective. Then click on the Mom to see it from her perspective. The ad is different each time.

T-Spot I:  The ad is Immersive, presented with multiple camera feeds within each scene. The viewer can switch and choose which optic to enjoy from scene to scene. This engages the viewer with the ad content.

T-Spot S: Each Slice in time of the ad is presented behind a separate selection interface. In this way, the viewer is experiencing whichever section of the ad they want each time the ad appears. To experience the entire ad, the viewer selects all sections.

T-Spots are also possible in picture-in-picture mode, or full window with four different angles at once.



Influencer Map


The branded map shows where the influencer cameras are located.

SuperFans and Influencers who are sharing from their phone appear on the map when they go live. They can bring millions of followers to your content.

Athletes, cast and players who are wearing cameras are featured with a face icon to let fans see their point of view or action wherever they are.

TotalVU partners with advanced camera manufacturers with exceptional motion stabilization so even sports can have POV cams.


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Chat &

Video Call-In


We are crazy about texting while watching TV. Sharing your $.02. TotalVU offers chat invites, private rooms to comment in a watching party.

Even more, with TotalVU, viewers can video-call into the live event. Wonderful for awards shows.

Producers are on-call to screen the audience and call them back when it's time to be on the show.



Text Chat is automatically moderated. Manual moderation is also possible.

Video call-in is automatically queued to producers who screen the callers and call them back when it's their turn.

Callers can appear on any camera angle of the map.

TotalVU can delay the transmission as required to allow for moderation.

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Social Connection & Shopping

We want to Tweet, Post, search, and window shop while we watch TV.

With TotalVU, participate in your social stream while on mobile, so the video keeps playing.

The show can ask you to weigh in and reward you for it.

Shopping from browsing to checkout, without leaving the show.

With T-Spots, even the ads can respond in real time, like deliver you stuff during the show.


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360 & VR

TotalVU can present multiple 360 cameras to the fans and viewers at home. Viewers can wear phone-based VR headsets to immerse themselves.

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We’ve been watching TV the same way for ever. We’ve always predicted we would really interact with it. Now we finally can.
— Amy Chacon, 6 Time Emmy Award Winner


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